All About The St. Bernard Dog For Those Who Want To Know

The St. Bernard or St Bernard dog is a very giant and strong kind of dog. They are originally from a breed of large working dog that does come from the Swiss Alps and North Italy. These dogs were also bred to be rescue dogs. Being rescue dogs is something that they were known for, in addition to, being dogs that are there to care whenever one needs them to be. The St. Bernard dog is known by other names as well. Some of these other names do include St. Bernhardshund, Bernhardiner, and Alpine Mastiff. These dogs are a highly prized breed, because their weight is something, which does usually stay in proportion with their height. The taller the dog, the more prized it is, and the more can be expected to come from it as both a working and loyal animal to its human owners.

The St. Bernard dog also has a very massive head that is a powerful part of its body, in addition, as well. Their muzzle is also short and wider than it is long. Some of the other proud aspects of the St. Bernard dog is no other than the following things. They not only have a huge body that does accommodate them in the finest of all ways. They also have a broad nose with nostrils that are wide open. They have medium-sized eyes, black lips, and teeth that do meet in a level bite or sort of like scissors. The St. Bernard dog also does have medium-sized ears that are set high and do drop and stand slightly away from their head. They have feet that are large and very well developed. Their toes are something that is strong, well-developed, and are well-arched in make. They also have a very long tail that is swift and powerful when the dog is on the move. However, when the dog is relaxed, the tail lays low and is beautifully fluffy.

The average weight of the St. Bernard dog is between 140 and 264 pounds or more. Its coat can either be very smooth or rough depending on the St. Bernard itself. It also has an amazing height of 27 and a half inches to 35 and a half inches at its withers. They have been called Swiss Mountain Dogs or Swiss Cattle Dogs. The St. Bernard dog is many dogs rolled up into one. They have been used as large farm dogs, livestock guardians, herding dogs and draft dogs. They have also been used hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs, and watchdogs. Nonetheless, the very best kind of dogs, which they do make are just big and lovely pet dogs for those who do know and appreciate the very large breed of dogs as animals and pets combined.